Natural / Scenic beauty

Rajbhawan at Nainital
Governor’s House (Raj Bhavan)
Category Historic, Natural / Scenic beauty

Raj Bhavan was built by British as residence of Governor of North West Province. Now Raj Bhavan is the official…

Ropeway Trolly at Nainital
Aerial Ropeway
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

It is one of the main attractions of Nainital. This ropeway connects Snow-View Point (at 2270 Mts.) with Nainital near…

Lepoard at Zoo
Category Adventure, Natural / Scenic beauty

Around one Km. away from bus stand at an altitude of 2100 meters in sprawling open area there is Govind…

The Flatts, Nainital
The Flatts
Category Natural / Scenic beauty, Recreational, Religious

At the northern side of the lake there is a place of rendezvous for people from all walks of life…

Mall Road Nainital
Mall Road
Category Natural / Scenic beauty, Recreational

On one of side of lake run the Mall road now named Govind Ballabh Pant Marg. It is lined up…

Nainital Lake
Naini Lake
Category Adventure, Natural / Scenic beauty

The nucleus of Nainital’s exquisite beauty is beautiful lake .In the day ,mirrored in its waters stand seven proud hills,dotted…