The newly constructed ICU, HDU wards inaugurated by the District Magistrate in the Base Hospital.

Publish Date : 15/06/2020
newly constructed ICU, HDU in Base Hospital.

Haldwani Soban Singh Jina Base Hospital has become hi-tech for providing better medical facilities to the common poor. Due to the efforts of the District Magistrate, ICUs and HDUs have been installed in the base hospital and latest equipment has also been installed in them.The operation theater of the hospital has also been equipped with the latest equipment. There are two operation theaters in the base hospital, in which new operation tables, operation lights and new ACs have been installed. This will benefit the patients coming in hundreds of days every day. For ICU facility, the poor will no longer have to approach expensive hospitals.

With the efforts of Shri Bansal, four bed ICU and eight bed HDU have been set up in Haldwani base hospital, four beds of ICU in base hospital, four ventilators, central oxygen supply, multipara monitor, suction machine, central line oxygen supply, ABG machines, ECG machines, nebulizer machines have been installed.The hospitals and paramedical staff of the base hospital have been given intensive training in the operation of equipment in Sushila Tiwari Hospital. Due to the establishment of ICU and HDU in the base, patients will not have to go anywhere outside the hospital.

After the release, the District Magistrate inspected the operation theater, medical ward, ortho ward and dialysis unit. During the inspection, he gave instructions to Executive Engineer RES Vineet Kuril to submit a courtyard for repairing the light system in the Ortho Ward, Medical Ward and Duty Room.During the inspection, the District Magistrate took information from the patients and their officials about food arrangements, cleaning, medicines etc. in the hospital. He instructed the Deputy Collector to secure the Central Line Oxygen Cell in the closed room and to evaluate the work efficiency of the staff who have been trained in the base hospital for the operation of ICU from time to time.

Keeping in view the Corona 19 infection, a separate fever clinic (triage) has been established in the base hospital for cold, cough, cold and fever patients on the instructions of District Collector Mr. Bansal, such patients will be isolated from outside and their For counter number 3 slip will be made and their OPD will be in room number 5. Dr. Panchpal said that one-way system has been implemented in OPD in the hospital. This will prevent social distortion among the patients and will also prevent unnecessary crowds.The District Magistrate instructed Dr. Panchapal to put information and signal boards on the way to go to the Fever Clinic.