Instructions issued to open Aadhaar service centers closed due to Covid-19 lockdown

Publish Date : 19/06/2020

District Magistrate Mr. Savin Bansal issued instructions to open the Aadhaar service centers closed due to Covid-19 lockdown in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India.

Shri Bansal said that due to the closure of the corona lockdown of the Aadhaar service centers for a long time, the general public was facing difficulties for Aadhaar registration. Therefore, instructions have been given to open the base service centers in the district conditionally.He said that the equipment should be sanitized from time to time along with the premises of the base centers, and the operators, employees, etc., posted at the base centers, along with personal sanitation sanitization, will inevitably ensure wearing of masks during work.And the people coming to register at the base center will also wear masks and remove the mask only while being photographed and the employees will avoid touching their nose, eyes, mouth while working. They instructed that they will follow the adequate social distilling instructions at the base center And for registration of employee and Aadhaar card, people should not come to Aadhaar centers due to cough, fever, difficulty in taking breath etc. He also directed that UIDAI has also given instructions to display in the Aadhaar Seva Kendra following the guidelines issued by the Government of India.