Haldwani May 31 (Information). – District Nainital has been declared in the Red Zone by the government.

Publish Date : 15/06/2020

Haldwani May 31 (Information). – District Collector Mr. Savin Bansal has informed that district Nainital has been declared in the Red Zone by the government.Referring to the letter issued by the government, the District Magistrate has said that the guidelines set by the Ministry of Medical Health and Family Welfare for the Red Zone by the Government of India and the Department of Medical Family Welfare will be effective from Monday, June 1 in Nainital district.He said that commercial and commercial activities will be conducted from 7 am to 4 pm, in addition to essential services, all the offices of the district will open from 10 am to 4 pm First and second class 100 percent officers will be present in the office. And 33 percent of the third and fourth class employees will be present for the execution of government works, social distance and cleanliness related instructions will be followed in the office.Additional public transport will be restricted to bring and take passengers from the railway station and airport. For going out of the district or coming in, it will be mandatory to register on Dehradun Smart City Limited Bab portal and have a valid pass issued by the competent authority.
District Collector Shri Bansal has informed that according to the letter issued from the level of Chief Secretary, Nainital district has been set in the Red Zone. The zone has been determined on the basis of the data received from the districts till 2 pm on 31 May. He said that the other 12 districts of Uttarakhand have been classified in the Aaraj category.