Haldwani 19 May (Information). the district has been kept in the Orange Zone by the government.

Publish Date : 15/06/2020

In order of the orders issued by the Lockdown-4 Uttarakhand Government, District Collector Mr. Savin Bansal informed that in the order issued late night, the district has been kept in the Orange Zone by the government.All the provisions applicable by the government for the employment zone will be effective in Nainital district.
District Magistrate Mr. Bansal said that inter-state transport will be restricted in general, under special circumstances the nodal officer of the state will be allowed by the Mandalayukta and the District Magistrate.In the classified zones in the Orange Zone, interstate public transport will be able to operate with 50 per cent capacity, along with social distilling and follow the guidelines of the center.Barber Shop, Salon, Spa and Parlor will be opened from 7 am to 4 pm. He told that Rantorant will be able to make home delivery as well as all the state and central government offices, undertakings, corporations and banks will be open from 10 am to 4 pm.All private offices will be open till 4 pm, social distance and cleanliness will have to be strictly followed. He told that from 4 pm to 7 am normal traffic and non-essential activities will be completely banned. He told that religious places, social, political and cultural programs will remain prohibited and cinema, shopping centers, entertainment parks, bars, auditoriums, schools, colleges and coaching institutes will not be opened.The District Magistrate Mr. Bansal has instructed that full compliance of social distance, sanitation rules will be mandatory in Barber Shop, Salon Spa, Business Establishment, Shop, Pipe and Public Places. He said that challan will be allowed for not wearing facemask in public places, as well as two persons with chapahia driver.