Haldwani 16 May (Information) – Covid-19’s surveillance of people in the district is very important

Publish Date : 15/06/2020

District Magistrate Shri Savin Bansal has told that in view of the arrival of migrants from various states and districts of the country in various gram sabhas in the district, Kovid-19’s surveillance of people in the district is very important the wanted.He has said that the deployment of teachers, teachers working in government schools located in government-run gram sabha, must be ensured immediately by the Chief Education Officer in all the villages where migrants have arrived.He said that it would be the responsibility of the government personnel that they would ensure all the arrangements for the people living in the continent continuously and would continue to monitor.

The District Magistrate said that in view of the important role of the Gram Pradhan in the concerned Gram Sabha, a sum of Rs. 10 thousand will be given to the concerned Gram Pradhan for making all the arrangements in the respective Gram Sabha according to the system described in the mandate.The District Magistrate has given instructions that in every gram sabha where the migrants have arrived, if the migrants have to be coherent in the school So in the selected schools, teachers working in government schools, immediate posting of teachers, Chief Education Officer and if migrants are to be posted in the panchayat houses, then the appointment of Gram Panchayat Development Officer and Village Development Officer in the selected Panchayat house, District Panchayati Raj Officer and District Development To be ensured by the officer.He has instructed the District Panchayat Raj Officer that in every gram sabha where the migrants have arrived, the system of home continent and other continent centers and related information of the village heads should be provided to the Control Room after getting verified information.
The District Magistrate Mr. Bansal has said that all the employees of education, panchayati raj and village development are being deployed, they will cooperate fully with all the heads of the Gram Panchayats to keep all the people coming in the Gram Sabha area and ensure arrangements and with team spirit.Any negligence in this important work will be taken seriously.