Haldwani – 16 May 2020 (Information) – Police Act on Recurrence with Challan as well as Disaster Act, along with penalty on public place or workplace without facemask, spitting in public place, not making social distance and gutka, sale of tobacco. Action will be taken under

Publish Date : 15/06/2020

The District Magistrate Mr. Bansal said that if he is found without wearing a facemask in a public place, for the first time he will have to pay 200 fines, if he is not found to be wearing a mask again, a fine of Rs 500 will be imposed.
Similarly, in case of spitting in public places, 200 rupees as penalty and if found spitting for the second time will be challaned under Section 81 of Police Act. He said that for non-observance of the directions of social distance in business establishments, shops, shops and public places, a fine of Rs. 500 will be imposed on the concerned in-charge, shopkeeper, establishment owner,
Penalty of 2000 for non-compliance of social distance for the second time, similarly Rs. 1000 will be imposed on gutka, tobacco sellers for the first time, 2000 for second time.
He said that under the provisions of Section 51 to 60 of the Disaster Management Act 2005, action will be taken as per rules.
Police officers, Revenue Officers, Municipal Commissioners, Executive Officers, Sub-Divisional Magistrates shall be authorized to collect penalty and take punitive action under their jurisdiction in addition to the legal provisions and authorized persons.