Haldwani 08 June (Information). Mr. Savin Bansal gave orders to open Mangal Padav vegetable market.

Publish Date : 15/06/2020

Haldwani 08 June (Information). Mangal stop fruit-district mandate Mr. Savin Bansal gave orders to open vegetable market.Shri Bansal said that on the recommendation number of Mangal Halt fruit – Sabji Mandi Municipal Magistrate and Additional Superintendent of Police, on the basis of daily roster relative to total businessmen, one third fruit and vegetable businessmen are complying with social distancing and spread of Covid-19 Under the restrictions required for the fruit and vegetable market located in Mangal Havad, cart and fudge businessmen are allowed to do business.District Collector Mr. Bansal instructed Municipal Commissioner CS Martolia, City Magistrate Pratyush Singh, Additional Superintendent of Police Amit Srivastava, Sub-Collector Vivek Rai that along with the compliance of social distancing, along with opening of handcart-feeds as per the roster prescribed in the fruit-vegetable market Be sure to use regular sanitization and mask.