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Revenue Administration


For the administrative purpose the district is divided into five subdivisions ( Pargana ) and eight Tahsils. Each subdivision is headed by an SDM (Dy. Collector) & Tahsil by a Tahsildar. The subdivisions are Nainital, Haldwani, Ramnagar, Dhari & Kosiyakutoli . Tahsils are Nainital, Haldwani, Ramnagar, Kaladhungi, Lalkuwa, Dhari, Kosiyakutoli & Betalghat . The administrative history of Nainital goes back to 1815 A.D. as per the records Mr. E.W.Gardinar was its first administrative head.

The revenue collection work is done by Tahsildars with the help of Naib Tahsildars ,Amins & other Tahsil staff. The other main work of Tahsils is to keep record of Land . Land record work is maintenance is done by Lekhpal/Patwaris at Tahsil. Each Lekhpal is responsible for land records of his own circle having generally 8 to 10 revenue villages the land record for a single revenue village is kept in the form of Khatauni (records of Rights ) , Khasara , Kisan Bahi etc . There are 1093 revenue villages in the district . CRA section of district collector office look after revenue collection work and progress of collection Amins in the district while land records section headed by ALRO who keeps track on the progress of Lekhpals .

All the Khataunies of the district are now computerized and available at Computer Centers of RK section of each Tahsil for distribution of Record of Right (ROR) to the general public. These khataunies are also available on internet in Uttarakhand at following URL :- http://devbhoomi.uk.gov.in .