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Medicinal Flora Of District Nainital


In its Tarai & Bhabhar belt a number of medicinal trees, shrubs and herbs grow like Vijayasar, Arjun, Bhilwa, Varun, Gambhari, Kutuj, Tejpatra, Priyangoo, Danti, Sarivah, Shwet Sarivah, Brahmi, Satwahi, Patha, Bhringraj, Punarnava, Kamal & Kamalni, Gokhru, Anatmool, Marodfali, Talwarfali, Ashok, Kaliyali, Pipli, various species of Mentha and so on. There is potential to grow Mulhatti, Aswagandha, Saptaparna and so many other plants of various zones of India.

These plants can also grow in the deep valleys of hills. In the middle Himalayan range we find Daruharidra, Timoor, Manjishtha, Sugandhabala, Samayava, Manduparna, Dhooplakkar, Talish, Devdaru, Padam, Vidhangabhed, Kakoli, Ksheerkakoli, Lahsuniya and so many other plants. This range has the potential to grow plants like Saffron, Vindhanga, Ghritkumari and so on.

The sub alpine zone of this district grows Fern, Deodar , various other species of Daruharidra, Sugandhabala, Banapsa. It has the potential to grow plants like Gandhanarain, Kutki, Kooth, Bhootkesi, Junipers, Abies which is called Fern . Here around 2500 mts. plants like Jatamasi, Mithavish, Atish can also be tried.

Many of these plants have a great commercial importance. These are widely used in indigenous system of medicines like Ayurveda, Yunani, Aamchi (Tibetan System) for skin diseases, stomach disorder, nervous disability, liver diseases. Many of these are used in heart & brain tonics. Some are blood purifiers and strengthen the immunity mechanism.

At present crores of this herbal raw material is supplied to Haldwani, Ramnagar, Dehradun & other mandis of plains. Bheshaj Sanghs & K.M.V.N. has the official authority to collect these medicines.